Tips From Industrial Cleaning Professionals

Industrial cleaning is a lot harder than residential cleaning. The people doing industrial cleaning jobs have larger areas to clean, and they often face harder dirt and grime than we face when we clean our homes.

We went to the industrial cleaning experts to see if they could share any tips that would help us with our cleaning chores.

Tips from the industrial cleaning professionals included:

• Always start your cleaning at the highest point and work your way down unless you are washing walls. When you are cleaning walls you should clean from the lowest point up. This will help you reduce the amount.

• When you are cleaning take all of the supplies with you so you can eliminate trips and save time.

• You can make an effective cleaner to use on interior walls by mixing ½ cup ammonia, ¼ cup white distilled vinegar, and ¼ cup baking soda in one gallon of water.

• You can remove scuff marks from wood floors and tile floors by erasing them with a pencil eraser.

• When you apply the cleaner to the surface you are cleaning allow the cleaner to sit on the surface for a few minutes. This allows the cleaner time to start dissolving some of the grease and grime and makes your work easier.

• An art gum eraser is effective at removing non-greasy marks from wall papers that cannot be washed. Non-greasy marks are created by pencils, crayon marks are greasy marks and will require you to mix
cleaning fluid, fuller’s earth compound and cornstarch in equal amounts and then apply this to the spot. Let the mixture dry and then brush away the residue. You may have to repeat the process to remove all of the stain.

• Tie a dust cloth on your broom and use your broom to dust walls and ceilings.

• Clean your kitchen counter with pure club soda. Simply pour the soda on the counter and wipe it off with a clean dry cloth.

• Dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol and use it to remove water spots in aluminum sinks.

• Make your kitchen appliances look new again by waxing them with car wax.

• You can place a few drops of vanilla extract on a cotton-ball and place this in your refrigerator to eliminate pesky odors.

• If you wipe your refrigerator down with white vinegar you will prevent mildew from occurring. This is especially useful on the rubber gaskets around the door.